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Anne's Celebration of Life 

August 21, 2021
2:00 pm PDT
Newcastle, WA | Online



Recording of the Service


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the event in-person or online. For those that would like to watch a recording of the service, we have posted the video on Mediazilla. This enables you to watch the whole event all at once, or skip directly to various speakers and videos with a Chapter Selection menu. 

Event Details

Event Details

About the Event

Welcome! We're glad you're here to help us honor and remember the life of Anne Doll. 

When Anne passed away in February, we were fairly limited because of the pandemic in what we could do to honor her amazing life and the legacy she left. However, the impact she had is undeniable, as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of love and support that has been pouring into our family since her passing. We knew we had to find a way to do her memory justice and we are privileged to now give her the memorial event she so richly deserves. 

Anne did not want to have much input into the service for her, however one thing she made clear was that whatever we did had to be positive and upbeat. She wanted people to remember her with fondness and laughter, not pity and sadness. In that spirit, it's only fitting that we truly make this a Celebration of Anne's Life. 

This summer, we hope you can join us at The Golf Club at Newcastle in Newcastle, WA, just a few minutes up the road from where we live. The event will consist of a 90-minute service featuring speakers, slideshows, and videos to remember the fun and joy she brought to this world and how lucky we were to share part of our lives with her. Afterwards, we will move the celebration outside to the terrace for drinks, light appetizers, and hopefully more laughter than tears. Anne also insisted we have plenty of ice cream for the kids. (and the grown-up kids too) 

For those of you who are not able to be with us in person, we will be livestreaming the event online so you can remember Anne with us and be part of the celebration. We will miss you, but your presence will be felt and we would be honored for you to be part of this nonetheless.  

In-Person Event Details

St. Andrews Ballroom 

The Golf Club at Newcastle 

15500 Six Penny Lane 

Newcastle, WA 98059


Smart casual (jacket and tie not required). Dress comfortably for the weather. 

Online Event Details

We are using a Zoom Webinar to livestream the event. Please click the button below to join the event. 


How to Help

How You Can Help

People keep asking us what they can do to help. Well, here you go:

  1. Contribute to the Slideshow by July 31.  The event will feature a few slideshows from the various phases of Anne's life. We have a bunch of pictures and videos of Anne, but we know you all do too and we want to see them! Please provide any submissions by July 31. More details below in the next section.      

  2. Contribute to the Video Montage by July 31. We won't have an open-mic during the service, but we know you all have many great memories and funny stories that are worth hearing (well, most of you) and we would like to make a little video compilation of some of the great things you have to say. Please provide any submissions by July 31More details below in the next section.            

  3. RSVP for the event. If you plan to be part of this celebration, please fill out our RSVP form. This matters more for the in-person event, but if you'll be watching online and want to let us know we'd love to hear that too! Since we are not sending out invitations, planning can be a little tricky so we're just trying to get a sense of what to expect. And in case we have pandemic-related restrictions to deal with, this information helps. However, an RSVP is not required to attend the event in-person or online. 

Submit Pictures & Videos

Submit Pictures & Videos

We are no longer requesting images for the slideshows and videos. Thank you to everyone that helped with this!


The service will feature a few slideshows corresponding to different periods of Anne's life to help bring our memories of her to life. Please share pictures and short video clips of Anne in one of the corresponding folders:

Wisconsin & Childhood: Childhood, Family, Life in Appleton and Door County 

IU thru Michigan: Adulthood pre-kids, College, Chicago, Wedding, Michigan


Seattle-Bellevue: Motherhood, Life in Seattle and Bellevue

Please use the following guidelines for slideshow submissions: 

  • If you would like to submit physical photographs, please scan them digitally and then submit through the links above. This can be done easily at places like Walgreens and Target if you only have a few photos to scan, or places like Costco and FedEx Kinko's if you have more photos to scan. 

  • You may submit photos or videos. If submitting videos, please try to only submit short video clips. 

For any questions, please contact Aaron Horton at

Video Montage



I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story.

We also would like to create a video montage of people like YOU sharing memories of Anne. She was blessed with many dear friends in her life full of great memories, funny anecdotes and interesting stories that we would like to be part of this event as well. 

Here is how this works...

Below is a list of questions to get you started. Record responses for any questions from the list and then submit them. We will then take these clips and splice them together into one video. You are welcome to record responses to as many (or as few) questions as you'd like. 

Please use the following guidelines for the video montage recordings: 

  • Please keep your responses fairly short and pithy. Most responses should be 30 seconds or less. More than 1 minute is probably too much. 

  • We are hoping that this montage has a healthy dose of positivity, light-heartedness, and humor. You're welcome to share sentimental thoughts, but we'd like to hear some of the funny, quirky, random things about Anne too. 

  • Please make separate videos for each response. 

  • If possible, please save your file with the following name format: Q#_FirstName_LastName (i.e. Q5_Bill_Doll). This will help us as we put the video together. 

  • Please record your videos using the following best practices:

    • Record videos horizontally (landscape orientation), not vertically​

    • Try to limit background noise while recording so we can hear you clearly

    • Do not record with a bright background (it will make your face look too dark)


  1. What word comes to mind when you think of Anne? 

  2. What did Anne mean to you? 

  3. Tell us a funny memory of Anne

  4. Tell us something most people wouldn't know about Anne 

  5. What was unique about Anne? 

  6. When was Anne "most in her element?"

  7. What will you remember most about Anne? 

  8. What do you miss most about Anne? 

  9. What makes you think of Anne? 

  10. What did you learn from Anne? 

  11. How did Anne make an impact on your life? 

  12. What would you say to Anne right now if you could? 

For any questions, please contact Aaron Horton at

Where to Stay

Where to Stay

We are thrilled that many of you have expressed an interest in joining us from out of town. We can't wait to welcome you to our community. And given that we haven't seen anyone in over a year, it has definitely been too long! 

Below are a few suggestions of areas to consider along with a few hotel suggestions in case you are trying to decide where to stay. 


About 10 minutes from the event with some of the most affordable hotel options. 

Downtown Bellevue

About 15 minutes away. Urban setting with more extensive dining and shopping options.  


About 25 minutes away with everything Seattle has to offer.  

  • Plenty of hotel options

  • Airbnbs​ 

Where to Stay
Contact Us

We hope to see you in August
For any additional questions, please reach out to Bill Doll at

Video Montage
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